Modern medicine has provided many advancements that can help us in maintaining your pet’s health. Our clinic has invested in the equipment and training necessary to help us provide outstanding care for your pet.

Pain Management: Dr. Westphal is a member of the International Academy of Veterinary Pain Management and takes pain relief for our patients very seriously. We employ pre-emptive pain management strategies for our surgical patients, and chronic pain (for example, arthritis) can be managed utilizing multimodal analgesic techniques.

Laboratory: We are fully equipped with advanced laboratory and diagnostic equipment on site, and also utilize full service outside veterinary laboratories to obtain comprehensive, accurate, and timely diagnostic data.

Pharmacy: We maintain an extensive inventory of pharmaceuticals to meet the needs of your pets. We also work together with veterinary compounding pharmacies for special medication needs. We are also happy at anytime to provide you with a prescription to fill your pet’s medications at an outside pharmacy if desired.

Radiology: On-site radiology equipment provides high quality X-ray images to aid in the diagnosis of many disorders. Our modern digital X-ray system allows us to quickly and easily obtain high quality radiographs with minimal stress for your pet. Digital X-rays also allow for easy image transmission for consultation or referral. To provide optimum care, we routinely have our X-rays reviewed by a Board-Certified Veterinary Radiologist.

Progressive Anesthesia: We take special care of all of our surgical patients. After a thorough pre-anesthetic evaluation, an individualized anesthetic plan is formulated for your pet. A trained staff member is assigned the exclusive task of monitoring your pet during the procedure and to provide post-surgical nursing care and TLC. Our advanced monitoring equipment includes electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse oximetry (blood oxygen), blood pressure, and capnography (carbon dioxide) monitors.

Advanced Diagnostics: Our clinic has diagnostic equipment available including digital radiology (full size and dental units), laboratory, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, and tonometry capabilities. In addition, we have specialists available for tele-medicine consultation or referral and can arrange for on-premises internal medicine consultations and ultrasound (sonogram) examinations.